TaskForce is a new site-art dance touring company that works on a project to project basis. Fluid in it's conception TaskForce is made up of selected artists and performers drawn from the cultural landscape of its host city or region. It is a process oriented performance laboratory where artists are asked to draw inspiration from the architecture, history, culture and ecology of multiple sites within a single geographic area all connected by a common theme. Working within an intensive time frame (usually three weeks of rehearsal + one week of performances) under the direction of veteran site-artist Stephan Koplowitz, each artist is given a different creative "task" to be explored and performed at the various sites. The content of each performance is made up of a combination of site-specific choreography, site-adaptive  material and improvisational scores inspired by each performance site. The core of TaskForce is an ensemble of six to eight highly trained dancers, a composer/performer and a documentary filmmaker. Bringing together new partners and collaborating artists for each location, TaskForce builds creative networks that span the globe. It's current project Liquid Landscapes is a three year triptych based on the theme of water beginning in Los Angeles,California (2008) then traveling to Dartington/Plymouth, UK (2009) and then to Essen City, Germany (2010).
TaskForce 2008-10 is funded by the Transatlantic Arts Consortium (TAC).